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Gorilla mFCU Ver2 Magnetic Fire Control Unit for HPA Engines




Gorilla mFCU Ver2 Magnetic Fire Control Unit for HPA Engines

Magnetic Trigger Technology: The Gorilla mFCU stands out in the HPA parts category with its innovative magnetic trigger and selector functions, eliminating the need for physical switches that are prone to misalignment or failure. This advancement ensures a higher level of reliability and a smoother trigger response, enhancing your airsoft experience.

Bluetooth Connectivity: Profile switching is simplified with Bluetooth capability, allowing users to adjust settings using a dedicated app available for both Android and Apple devices. This feature brings unprecedented convenience to the table, enabling quick changes on the fly without the hassle of manual adjustments.

Unique Multiple Profile Switching: This unit offers the unique ability to switch between multiple profiles, a feature not commonly found in other FCUs on the market. Tailor your HPA system's performance to the demands of any battlefield scenario with just a few taps on your smartphone.


  • Revolutionary magnetic trigger board sensing technology
  • Bluetooth-enabled for easy profile management
  • Compatible with v2 gearboxes, enhancing versatility
  • Supports both single and double solenoids
  • Weather-resistant design ensures reliability in diverse conditions
  • Automatic Bluetooth disconnection feature to save energy


Compatibility v2 gearboxes
Connectivity Bluetooth enabled for Polarstar, Redline N7, SR-E systems
Shooting Modes Selectable single shot and full-auto

It is recommended to use premium 2S Lipo batteries to ensure optimal performance of the mFCU. Always disconnect the unit when not in use and keep it away from high temperatures and moisture for longevity. If any issues arise, refer to the manual.

Disclaimer: Please be advised that any parts installed by customers on their own are not covered under our warranty. If you choose to self-install, you assume the risk and liability of potentially damaging the item. For issues with your self-install, contact the manufacturer directly for warranty and support.

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