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Gorilla Mini FCU ver2 fire control unit for HPA engines with V2 trigger board




Gorilla Mini FCU ver2 Fire Control Unit for HPA Engines with V2 Trigger Board

Upgrade your airsoft game with the Gorilla Mini FCU, a cutting-edge fire control unit designed for HPA systems. Experience swift and seamless settings adjustments through Bluetooth, eliminating the need for time-consuming disassembly. This compact control unit offers all the features of traditional Gorilla FCUs and then some, with reduced power consumption and a smaller board size. Whether you're using a single or double solenoid system, the Gorilla Mini FCU can replace your FCU without losing any functionality and even adding new capabilities.

Customize your airsoft gameplay like never before by selecting your favorite fire modes and sequencing them to your preference, available on major HPA systems. The Gorilla Mini FCU is built to withstand harsh conditions, from humidity to rain, ensuring reliability in all weather. You can simulate a midcap magazine's ammo capacity, avoid dry fires, and use burst mode in both SEMI and AUTO, enhancing your gameplay experience. With features like a sniper delay function, total shot counters, and the ability to lock parameters for tournament play, the Gorilla Mini FCU empowers you to excel on the airsoft field. The product comes with an app available on both the Play Store and Apple Store for easy configuration.


  • Quick and easy Bluetooth configuration for HPA systems
  • Compatible with single and double solenoid systems
  • Customizable fire modes, including burst mode and sniper delay
  • Simulate midcap magazine capacity, preventing dry fires
  • Water-resistant and durable design for all-weather use
  • Low standby power consumption, with up to 200 hours of battery life
  • Tournament Lock feature for competitive play
  • DualTrigger mode for rapid firing