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Guns Modify Outer Barrel Stabilizer for GBB Pistol

Guns Modify

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Guns Modify Outer Barrel Stabilizer for GBB Pistol

Details for use:

  • Clips onto the inner barrel
  • Improves reliability and smoothness of cycling
  • Suitable for Tokyo Marui / KJW / WE GBB pistols with sinking outer barrel

*We strongly recommend that customers purchase this Guns Modify Barrel Stabilizer if installing the current generation of Airsoft Masterpiece slides with a stock Tokyo Marui outer barrel.

In the current generation of Airsoft Masterpiece slides, the number of barrel locking lugs inside the slide in from of the chamber has been reduced possibly to save on machining time (cheaper). Refer to the picture. This change will work fine with Airsoft Masterpiece barrels but can cause the AM slide to not go back into full battery with the stock Marui barrel and the gun to jam.

One way to get the slide to work with the TM barrel is to file the barrel lug towards the chamber at a 45-degree angle to allow the TM barrel to travel with less impedance. This is an advanced skill modification and we highly recommend it to be done by an experienced HiCapa technician like our AEX techs. However, it is much simpler to install the Guns Modify barrel stabilizer which will reduce the barrel tilt and eliminate the risk of jamming.