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Krytac KRISS Vector Gas Blowback Airsoft GBB SMG




Krytac KRISS Vector Gas Blowback Airsoft GBB SMG

The KRISS VECTOR Gas Blow Back has been engineered for realism and unrivaled performance. Collaborating with KRISS® and drawing upon their combined manufacturing expertise, this release faithfully recreates the iconic KRISS Vector design as a Gas Blowback replica, setting a new standard in airsoft innovation. 


  • FIBER REINFORCED POLYMER RECEIVER - The KRISS Vector Gas Blow Back receivers are crafted from fiber-reinforced polymers with an aluminum skeleton frame. These receivers strike the perfect harmony between rugged durability and effortless lightweight handling.
  • DIRECT MOUNTING SYSTEM - The Vector SMG boasts mounting points for picatinny rail sections on its left and ride sides, offering convenient options for affixing lights and lasers. Positioned at the 6’ o clock location is a fixed, 7-slot picatinny rail that is suited for the integration of stabilizing accessories such as a vertical grip or hand stop.
  • LOW PROFILE SIGHTS - When folded, the back up sights sit a mere 14.2mm above the receiver top rail, allowing them to be tucked neatly behind, and underneath, optics and other aiming devices.
  • AMBIDEXTROUS SELECTORS - Ambidextrous switches allow you to maintain control of the AEG, regardless of dominant hand manipulation.
  • REALISTIC CONTROLS - All of the controls on the KRISS Vector GBB are fully functional for an engaging experience.
  • VECTOR FOLDING STOCK - The KRISS Vector SMG folding stock is constructed of the same fiber reinforced polymer as the receivers. With a simple button press, the stock folds to the side, reducing the overall length of the platform by 9 inches- increasing portability and ease of storage. Additionally, the butt pad can be extended to match the operator's preferred length of pull, and the metal sling loop provides a sturdy foundation for a sling strap.
  • KRISS VECTOR MAGAZINES - A faithful representation of the real KRISS MagEx2 magazine, the green gas-powered magazines hold 60 BBs. They're also constructed from lightweight aluminum alloy and reinforced polymer so they won't weigh you down.
  • BOLT ASSEMBLY - The heart of the Vector GBB lies in its bolt assembly. Engineered for responsive operation, the bolt assembly on the Vector GBB is lightweight leading to a faster rate of fire and improved gas efficiency allowing more shots on a single charge.
  • TOP-DOWN ADJUSTABLE HOP-UP SYSTEM - Engineered for quick and effortless access, the KRYTAC top-down adjustable hop-up system empowers users with enhanced control over hop-up adjustments. Utilizing a 2.5mm Allen key, players can seamlessly access a range of 23 distinct click adjustments. The intuitive design of the concave hop-up lever ensures consistency and optimal performance on field.
  • EASY ACCESS INNER BARREL - Players can easily switch out the inner barrel for a different length to suit different scenarios or roles on field. This feature allows full customization without extensive disassembly.


Type GBB
Velocity 335fps
Energy Output 1.04 Joules
Rate of Fire 17+ rps
Material Polymer
Magazine Capacity 60
Barrel Threading 14mm CCW
Bucking Type Pistol-Type Hop Up Bucking
Gas Type Green Gas/ CO2
Overall Length Collapsed 17.2 in/ 455mm
Overall Length Extended 26.2 in/ 665mm
Height 7 in/180mm
Weight 5.1 lbs/ 2.3 kg
Outer Barrel Length 5.5 in/ 140mm
Inner Barrel Length 120mm
Inner Barrel Diameter 6.05mm

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