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Lancer Tactical Assault Plate Carrier 600D Nylon

CA305TN / CA-305TN



Plate Carriers have become the standard for ballistic protection and are used worldwide by military contractors, soldiers, and law enforcement. They come in a range of different shapes and sizes with varying degrees of ballistic protection. However, the constant for all plate carriers is the ability to hold ballistic armor plates. The plate carriers of similar design to the Lancer Tactical Assault Plate Carrier have become a favorite among special forces and military contractors for the ability to provide adequate protection and carry plenty of equipment without compromising maneuverability.

The Lancer Tactical Tactical Plate Carrier has many beneficial features for use in combat and airsoft scenarios. It accepts standardized 10x13 ballistic plates in the front and rear panels that are secured by flaps with heavy duty hook & loop closure. The shoulder and side straps are adjustable for most sizes (M-XL). In combat, quick release buckles give medics quick access to wounds but for airsoft it allows you to just drop your equipment after the game for a deserved break. This plate carrier is covered in molle webbing which makes it easy for the wearer to customize their pouches into whichever configuration works best for them on the field. This plate carrier comes with a few of the commonly used pouches that an average player would use on the field of airsoft battle. An admin pouch for securing patches, keys, or pens. A triple M4 and a double M4 magazine pouch that can hold up to 10 M4 magazines, or about 5 AK or G36 magazines. Finally a utility pouch for miscellaneous equipment like extra BBs.

MOLLE is an acronym for MOdular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment. This system works by threading the straps attached to modular pouches through the MOLLE webbing. MOLLE gives the user the advantage of customizing his equipment for the mission at hand. For example, military contractors have issued a variety of weapons; the user could select the M16 Magazine Dual MOLLE Pouch if he is using an M-16 or he could choose the Dual AK Magazine MOLLE Pouch for use with an AK-47. So, you can have one plate carrier with a variety of pouches instead of having numerous different load bearing equipment for your different guns. The OE TECH Plate Carrier with Cummerbund has all the features and quality of high-end gear at half the price.

Manufacturer: Lancer Tactical
Material: 1000 Denier Nylon Fiber
Sizes: Adjustable / One Size Fits Most
Package Includes: Plate carrier, triple mag pouch, utility pouch, double mag pouch, admin pouch