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Laylax automatic BB loader for standard magazines




Laylax Automatic BB Loader for Standard Magazines

Experience hassle-free reloading with the Laylax Automatic BB Loader, designed for standard magazines. This powerful tool can automatically feed approximately 1300 BBs into your magazine, making it perfect for both casual players and seasoned veterans. The high-capacity loader ensures continuous loading of up to 8 standard magazines, each with a capacity of 150 rounds, without any spills or malfunctions.

The loader is equipped with self-lubricating polyoxymethylene (POM) feeding gears that protect your BBs from damage during the loading process. Additionally, its safety mode prevents accidental activation during transport, safeguarding the adapters from potential damage. Compatible with a variety of magazines, including Standard AEG, Gas Blow Back, and spring-powered Volt Action types, this loader is a versatile and essential tool for any airsoft enthusiast.

With four different adapters included, the Laylax Automatic BB Loader is designed to meet all your reloading needs. Say goodbye to manual reloading and enjoy the convenience and efficiency of this advanced BB loader.


  • Large capacity of approximately 1300 shots, ideal for high-volume reloading.
  • Self-lubricating resin (POM) feeding gears to prevent BB damage.
  • Safety mode to prevent accidental activation and adapter damage during transport.
  • Compatible with various magazines using four different adapters (AEGs, MWS, GBB Handguns, and Sniper Rifles).
  • Automatic loading stops immediately once the magazine is full, eliminating spills.


Material: Polyoxymethylene (POM) feeding gears, other construction materials TBD