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Maple Leaf Drop-In Barrel and Hop Up Set for Tokyo Marui Hi Capa

Maple Leaf



Drop In Hop Up and Barrel Upgrade for Tokyo Marui Hi Capa

Let us help simplify your Hi Capa performance upgrading with this preassembled, drop-in barrel set featuring the most sought after Maple Leaf upgrade components.  These sets are professionally assembled by our technicians for optimum performance and durability.  Featuring Maple Leaf Hi Capa Hop Up units, we integrated them with a Crazy Jet 6.02mm tightbore stainless steel inner barrel and silicone MR Hop gas gun buckings.  You can select your desired length and bucking hardness using the drop menus (subject to availability).  

The Hop Up units feature stainless steel I-keys and hop up applicator arms.  The screws are gently threadlocked to prevent your hop adjustment from walking while still being able to be taken apart for bucking replacement and servicing.  The MR Hop bucking is arguably the best GBB bucking around, with a factory made R Hop surface for maximum hop energy and range improvement.  Crazy Jet barrels use Maple Leafs ingenious muzzle design to create a "virtual barrel" to make the inner barrel behave as if it were much longer, greatly improving range and accuracy.  Also included is the Maple Leaf aluminum hop up wheel that provides enhanced hop up adjustability by having 360 degrees of adjustment versus 180 degrees on the stock hop up wheel.

The drop in units are offered in standard length (5.1 or 4.3) or extended length to take advantage of the extra length afforded by a threaded barrel or thread adapter.

Building a custom Hi Capa is one of the most fun and interesting things to do in airsoft.  By offering this drop in hop up and barrel set, we are simplifying the process by giving you the best accuracy and range performance parts available.  And you are getting a discount compared to buying each part individually! This will give you both extra time and money to focus on customizing the external look of your custom Hi Capa!


  • Maple Leaf aluminum hop up unit with steel applicator arm and I-key
  • Maple Leaf 360 degree hop up adjustment wheel
  • Maple Leaf MR Hop bucking 
  • Maple Leaf Crazy Jet stainless steel inner barrel (you select the length)

Barrel Length Chart:

  • Tokyo Marui 5.1, standard: 113mm
  • Tokyo Marui 5.1, extended: 117mm
  • Tokyo Marui 4.3, standard: 91mm
  • Tokyo Marui 4.3, extended: 97mm