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Maple Leaf VSR Cylinder Set M135

Maple Leaf



Most spring sniper rifles on the market are based on the Tokyo Marui VSR10 design. It is simple, effective, and capable of great performance. Unfortunately, most spring sniper rifles are built with components tha break down quickly and dont perform as well as youd like.

Maple Leaf makes the job of upgrading your VSR compatible rifle easy with their complete, drop-in Upgrade Cylinder Sets. Each Set consists of all Maple Leaf VSR upgrade parts: aluminum cylinder, stainless steel cylinder head, aluminum piston, aluminum spring guide, and upgrade spring. You can choose from M135, M145, or M165 spring strength.

Simply remove the old bolt, transfer the bolt handle from the old bolt to the new bolt, and insert into your gun. You will be surprised at how smooth the new bolt pull is compare to the old one. Due to the tighter tolerances of the Maple Leaf componenets, your velocity will be higher and much more consistent with the Upgrade Cylinder Set.

The last step to transforming your cheapo VSR sniper rifle is to add a Maple Leaf VSR tightbore barrel and new bucking to the mix, and you will have a long range, tight grouping sniper rifle Compatible with most Tokyo Marui, Well, JG, CA/FN and VFC spring sniper rifles.

Item Codes:
VCS135 VSR Upgrade Cylinder Set M135
VCS145 VSR Upgrade Cylinder Set M145
VCS165 VSR Upgrade Cylinder Set M165