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Maple Leaf VSR10 Zero Resistance Guide

Maple Leaf



One persistent problem with high power VSR springs is piston drag. When the piston locks on the trigger sear, the strong spring causes the piston to cants slightly inside the cylinder. You can feel the roughness of the piston edges rubbing against the cylinder walls when you cock the bolt and fire the gun. You may experience a slight delay in gun firing after pressing the trigger as the piston straightens itself out.

Maple Leaf has eliminated this problem by using a spring guide and retention pin design that locks together to keep the piston straight and centered after cocking. Crafted from high strength 7075 aluminum, the spring guide keeps the piston straight when it locks back. By eliminating piston drag, your cocking is faster and smoother, and trigger response is enhanced.

Enjoy smooth cocking and shooting, and less wear and tear on your parts with the ZERO Friction Spring Guide. Installation of this part is a little trickier due to the need to lock together the retention pin and spring guide. But the results are well worth it.

Items Codes:
MLVSG0 VSR Upgrade Aluminum 7075 ZERO Friction Spring Guide