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Master Mods HPA Adapter Kit - Hi-Capa




Master Mods HPA Adapter Kit - Hi-Capa Conversion for M4 AEG Magazines

The Master Mods HPA Adapter Kit from ICS is a game-changer for airsoft enthusiasts looking to upgrade their gas blowback pistols. This innovative kit allows you to convert your Hi-Capa pistols to take M4 AEG magazines and use HPA as the power source, providing a significant performance boost and enhanced reliability. Crafted from high-quality polymer, this adapter kit is designed to be lightweight for fast-paced gameplay and durable enough to withstand the rigors of intense speedsoft action.

Installation is straightforward with the Master Mods HPA Adapter Kit. The kit includes everything you need to convert a donor gas magazine to use HPA, making the transition seamless. A retaining latch inside the adapter ensures no BBs are wasted during mag changes, maximizing your efficiency on the field. Tested for compatibility with popular brands like Tokyo Marui, ICS, WE, AW Custom, and KJW, this adapter kit is versatile and reliable, giving you peace of mind during every skirmish.

Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the airsoft world, the Master Mods HPA Adapter Kit is designed to enhance your gameplay experience. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Airsoft Extreme is committed to bringing you the best products backed by deep product knowledge and technical expertise. Upgrade your arsenal today and experience the difference that HPA can make.


  • Converts Hi-Capa gas blowback pistols to accept M4 AEG magazines
  • Allows use of HPA as the power source for consistent performance
  • Made from lightweight and durable high-quality polymer
  • Retaining latch prevents BB waste during mag changes
  • Includes all necessary components for conversion
  • Compatible with Tokyo Marui, ICS, WE, AW Custom, and KJW brands


Length: 45mm
Weight: 99g
Material: High-quality polymer