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Monk Nylon ESG Ergonomic Sports Grip (Gen2)

Monk Customs



Monk Nylon ESG Ergonomic Sports Grip (Gen2)

Monk Customs presents ESG! The best Ergonomic Sports Grip out there; now available for Polarstar Micro Reg™ GEN2 Air Rigor Wolverine Storm OnTank regulators. Together with the champions of Second2None, Monk Customs has developed the most innovative, ergonomic, and feature-rich sports grip on the market today.

Important: This is the ESG grip only and does not contain a regulator. Regulator must be purchased separately.

Polarstar Micro Regulator

Wolverine Storm OnTank Regulator


  • Available for Polarstar Micro Reg™ Gen 2 or Wolverine Storm OnTank regulators
  • Does not include a regulator
  • 0º straight grip design for optimal ergonomics to reduce wrist strain
  • Rounded design for better grip fitting
  • Reinforced gearbox and regulator mounting
  • Available with or without ergonomic bulge for optimal support
  • Ample room for FCU mounting – no more bent or broken FCUs!
  • More room to facilitate a bigger battery
  • Large connector & tube gap
  • One screw latch design
  • All mounting requirements included (metal bolts, nuts & washers)
  • Regulator tournament lock with seal or zip tie
  • Comes in luxury packaging
  • Custom-cut grip tape included


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