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Best of USA Operation Red Storm DVD

Best of USA


OP: Red Storm DVD:
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On a moonless Spring night, a platoon of HALO jumpers stealthily floated across the Los Angeles River into the city of Whittier.

Residents of Whittier, like most residents in Los Angeles, are accustomed to loud airplane noises, gunfights, police sirens, and traffic noises at night; but this night would be different.

Under the cover of darkness, Comrade Dobroff, who served with the Soviet Airborne Brigade in the Russo-Afghan conflict back in the 80s., quickly gathered his elite unit and secured fortified positions in the Nelle district of town and setup his command post.

A combination of former Soviet Commandos and Chechyan Rebels are positioning themselves in the oil-rich Nelle district. This units job is to establish a bridgehead and await support form other former Soviet Renegades invading from the South.

A nearby US Army garrison is unaware of this unexpected development. The garrison consists of seasoned Army Rangers, Marines and a small Spec. Ops contingent.

When the sun rises in the morning, everything will be different.

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