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Pro-Arms Pathos Slide for Elite Force G17





Custom CNC aluminum Pathos slide for Elite Force Gen4 Glock 17

The Pro Arms Pathos slide is a replacement slide for your Elite Force Gen4 Glock 17, either green gas or CO2.  The Pathos slide is available in three colors: black, battleship gray, and bronze.  It is a great way to enhance the appearance of your Glock 17 and set it apart from all the other Glock users out there.  The slide is cut in the front and rear of the slide for positive grasping when chambering a BB.  The slide is cutout out for both lightening the slide and to show off your outer barrel.  The slide does not have any Glock trademarks or other markings.

The Pathos slide requires removal of all components from your original slide and placement into the Pathos slide.  The Pathos slide comes with two 120% enhanced chamber springs, but you need to remove the original chamber spring guide and fake "extractor" from the original slide and place them on the Pathos slide.  If you are not familiar with disassembly of Elite Force Glocks, we highly recommend you let our experienced technicians install it for you.  Some breaking in of the slide is required after reassembly.

The Pathos slide is compatible with all other Pro Arms Elite Force Glock products, such as the fiber optic sights, threaded barrel, and 120% steel recoil spring.  

The Pathos slide is not compatible with the Gen3 Glock or the Gen4 CO2 Glock by KWC.