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PTS GoGun Gas Pedal RS2


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GoGun USA is an accessory founded by competition shooters that produces products that maximize rapid accuracy and pointability of weapons to create an extremely competitive advantage in speed shooting whether for competition or tactical purposes. The GoGun Gas Pedal allows you to ergonomically position your thumb to create a stable and natural grip platform that allows the shooter to increase speed of accurate followup shots and to help drive the weapon faster between targets.

PTS GoGun Gas Pedals for rifles are made from the same quality Dupont polymer as all other PTS products.

Remark: These airsoft product is manufactured under authorized GoGun USA license. GoGunUSA logo and brand names are trademarks of GoGun USA in the United States and/or other countries.


For ANY Picatiny rail rifle or shotgun.

  • Allows a wide range of shooting grip styles.
  • Enables thumbs forward grip.
  • Perfect grip every time turns your rifle into a natural pointer.
  • Quicker Acquisition
  • Enables opposable grip for maximum weapons retention
  • Makes cross weapon platform transition easy. Compatible with Universal Battle Stance.
  • Ideal for Combat or Tactical. Very fun for range days.
  • Enables repeatable ergonomic thumb positions.
  • All are AMBI.
  • For use with just about all vertical grips and angled grips or alone.
  • CNC billet made, BattleTuff, aerospace aluminum.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Patents pending*
  • Black, and Flat Dark Earth.
  • Battle Tuff for Life.
Part# GG001450307
Part# GG001450307