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PTS ZEV OZ9 Elite Ultra Version Gas Blowback Pistol - PRE ORDER




PTS ZEV OZ9 Elite Ultra Version Gas Blowback Pistol - Exclusively for G17 Enthusiasts

PRE ORDER TODAY; ETA for the "ULTRA VERSION" PTS ZEV OZ9 Elite is set for Q4 2023. But here's the catch – there are LESS THAN THREE HUNDRED available worldwide! Don't miss your shot at owning a piece of Airsoft luxury. Reserve yours now and be part of the elite few!

Experience the pinnacle of Airsoft engineering with the PTS ZEV OZ9 Elite (Ultra Version) Gas Blowback Pistol, a collector's dream and a player's delight. This is not just another Airsoft gun; it's a manifestation of two decades of passion, knowledge, and commitment to the community. A true limited-edition marvel, this pistol is an exact replica of the renowned ZEV Technologies OZ9, combining unmatched features with a precision build. Whether you're aiming for victory on the field or a prestigious addition to your collection, the PTS ZEV OZ9 Elite is your ultimate pick.

Dive into a world of exclusivity with the Ultra Version, boasting a CNC 6000 series aluminum OZ9 signature slide, modular chassis, and steel alloy components. You're not just getting a gun; you're investing in unparalleled performance and durability. From its ergonomic grip and modular chassis system designed for easy servicing to the integrated magwell ensuring maximum control, every detail screams perfection. And with the ZEV Combat Sights and a precise 6.03mm 97mm inner barrel, you're assured pinpoint accuracy with every shot.

Why wait? Join the elite few and redefine your Airsoft game. With the PTS ZEV OZ9 Elite, you're not just buying a product; you're buying an experience. But remember, exclusivity comes with limited quantities. Preorder now and let the game begin!

***Pistol Red Dot Sight in product images is NOT INCLUDED***


  • Fully ZEV-licensed trademarks for an authentic experience
    • CNC 6000 series aluminum OZ9 Signature Slide with lightening cuts and serrations
    • CNC 6000 series aluminum modular chassis with integrated accessory rail
    • CNC Hammer housing and specific hammer components
    • Machined steel alloy outer barrel with a carburizing finish
  • Optimized grip angle with integrated magwell for natural pointability and control
  • Reversible mag release and ergonomic trigger pad for user convenience
  • ZEV Combat Sights with a bright fiber optic front sight
  • Removable RMR mount plate for optional red dot sight installation
  • Exceptional accuracy with a 6.03mm 97mm inner barrel and purple 70-degree hop-up rubber
  • Magazine with preinstalled PTS Enhanced Pistol Shockplate G


Weight 750g (w/o packaging) / 1kg (with packaging)
Outer Barrel Length 110mm (approx.)
Inner Barrel Length 97mm (approx.)
Inner Barrel Diameter 6.03mm
Muzzle Velocity Below 1 Joule (134a) @ 0.2g BB (25℃)
Gas Type 134a/Green Gas/Top Gas
System Gas Blowback
Color Black
Magazine Capacity 23 Rounds
Package Includes PTS ZEV OZ9 Elite (Ultra Version) Gas Blowback Pistol, One compatible 23rd magazine with PTS Enhanced Pistol Shockplate G installed.

License: ZEV® logo and related brand names are trademarks of ZEV Technologies, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries and are used for airsoft replicas under exclusive worldwide license by PTS Syndicate, Ltd. [PTS Syndicate Website](

Disclaimer: This product is for airsoft, training, and simulation purposes only. Utilizing Airsoft products improperly, including in real firearm applications, is potentially dangerous and may cause serious injury. PTS will not accept any responsibility or liability for misuse of this product.