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Siegetek Cyclone 9-Tooth Dual Sector


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Achieve an extreme rate of fire and trigger response with the revolutionary Cyclone Dual Sector Gear system.

The DSG fires 2 shots for each sector gear rotation. This can provide twice the rate of fire over normal sector gears, allowing you to shoot more than 60 rounds per second if desired. You can also use this system as a more efficient and less stressful way of achieving a moderate ROF.

A normal semi-automatic function is maintained by a dual cut-off cam.

Like all Siegetek gear sets, these are CNC machined from chromium molybdenum steel for ultimate precision and durability. As the world's strongest gears, they are virtually unbreakable under normal use.

Available for V2/3 gearboxes in balanced and high-speed ratios. Compatible with standard spec gearboxes.

Material: Chromium molybdenum steel
Weight: 65g


  • Dual Sector Gear - Provides 2 shots per sector gear revolution.
  • Dual cut off cam - Maintains semi-auto function with the incredible trigger response that the DSG provides.
  • Unique cut-off cam shape - Makes semi-auto cut-off faster, reducing overspin and the chance of a trigger lock up.
  • Dual tappet plate cams - Correct BB feeding is maintained by cycling the air nozzle twice per sector gear cycle.
  • Greater gear thickness - A larger contact surface area further improves durability.
  • Enhanced anti-reversal teeth - Reduces uneven wear to the anti-reversal latch, and makes the gear set quieter.
  • Unique bevel gear tooth design - Prevents the motor pinion gear from contacting the anti-reversal teeth.
Part# G1-T3-R2