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Signal/Helmet Light




Signal/Helmet Light

Stay visible and navigate the darkest terrains with the Signal/Helmet Light. Designed to enhance your safety and tactical advantage, this versatile light is a must-have addition to your gear.

Constructed to meet the demands of airsoft enthusiasts, the Signal/Helmet Light delivers reliable performance in low-light scenarios. It's a dual-function light that offers both white and red illumination, allowing you to maintain your stealth while preserving your night vision.


  • Multi-Function: This light is perfect for signaling and enhancing visibility during night games. It can serve as a marker, a beacon, or even an emergency signal.
  • Dual Light Colors: Switch between white and red light modes to match your tactical needs without compromising your night vision.
  • Long Battery Life: Powered by CR2032 batteries, this light lasts through extended missions, ensuring you won't be left in the dark.
  • Easy Attachment: Designed with convenience in mind, this light can be attached to your helmet or any gear with Velcro.
  • Durable Build: Crafted to withstand the rigors of airsoft action, it's reliable and tough, making it an ideal choice for intense gaming sessions.


Dimensions Compact and lightweight for easy carrying
Light Colors White and Red
Power Source CR2032 Batteries
Attachment Designed for helmets, but versatile for use with Velcro on various gear
Durability Built to withstand the rigors of airsoft action