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SW First Order Blaster Kit for AAP-01




SW First Order blaster kit for AAP-01

Calling all Legions!  Upgrade your AAP-01 with this Blaster Conversion Kit and dominate your foes!  Crush the rebel fools with your ACCURATE (thanks to the stock and scope mount) FIREPOWER (thanks to the full auto) of your new Blaster!  Bring Glory to the Empire and bend the will of the Galaxy to the Dark Side as you rampage across the realm (aka airsoft field) with your cool new BLASTER.  Note: AAP-01 not included.


  • Heavy duty nylon injection molded construction
  • Molded 14 slot picatinny rail on top (not removable)
  • A fixed stock (you can actually aim and hit stuff)
  • Comes with matching nylon charging handle for the AAP-01 bolt
  • Auto fire switch is accomplished from under the gun
  • “Magazine well” on the right side of the receiver does not hold anything
  • “Electronic” box doohickey behind mag well rotates but does not do anything else that we can determine…maybe it holds midichlorians…or maybe not…we just don’t know
  • Built in fixed front and rear sights (not adjustable)
  • Faux folding stock on underside of gun is actually fixed and cannot be moved or repositioned…although the “buttplate” swivels 45 degrees
  • Cheekrest adjusts up and down about ½ inch
  • Super easy AAP installation: wrap two halves around pistol and screw into the existing rear sight screw holes
  • AAP-001 pistol not included (does not fit the AAP-01C)
  • Serious cool factor included


Overall Length: 24 inches
Weight: 27.1 ounces
Inner Barrel Length: 130mm – 210mm (depends on your AAP configuration)
Muzzle Velocity: Depends on your AAP configuration
Gas Type: Green Gas
System: Gas Blowback, semi/full auto
Color: Imperial two tone black/white
Magazine Capacity: 25-50 rounds, depending on your magazine
Package Includes: Conversion kit, charging handle, mounting screws (AAP-01 not included)