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Tactical Outfitters Ed’s Manifesto Sneakreaper Industries July 4th “Flag Phantom” Morale Patch

Ed’s Manifesto/ Sneakreaper Industries July 4th “Flag Phantom” Morale Patch

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Ed's Manifesto/Sneakreaper Industries July 4th "Flag Phantom" Morale Patch

Patriotic Design: This unique morale patch features the classic Sneakreaper, an original character recurrent in Ed's Manifesto designs, arrayed in the symbolic red, white, and blue of the American flag. Set against a stark black background, the vibrant colors of the Phantom Reaper not only show off your patriotic pride but also add a striking visual element to your gear.

High-Quality Construction: The morale patch is crafted with precise laser-cutting techniques, resulting in clean, defined edges and intricate details. With its velcro backing, you can easily affix it to your clothing or gear for a secure hold. It measures 3.5"x2.3", offering a balanced size that's noticeable without being obtrusive.

Exclusive Availability: This limited-edition July 4th "Flag Phantom" morale patch is highly exclusive, having sold out in pre-order from the manufacturer, Tactical Outfitters. It's a unique piece that allows you to showcase your dedication to the Airsoft community while expressing individuality and patriotism.


  • American-themed Phantom Reaper design
  • High-quality laser-cut construction
  • Easy-to-apply velcro backing
  • Exclusive limited-edition release


Brand Ed's Manifesto/Sneakreaper Industries
Product Type Morale Patch
Size 3.5" x 2.3"Color: Black, Red, White, an
d Blue
Attachment Velcro Backing