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Trigger Happy TVS14 helmet Mount

Article number: THOP003
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Helmet mount for PVS14 red dot

Click here to see the 2Roy PVS14 3x Magnifier.

Description: This multi-component replica PVS14 Helmet Mount is an excellent piece of kit for any authentic Milsim look especially when combined with the replica PVS14. It includes the metal helmet brackets for either MICH/ACH or PASGT style helmets, metal mounting hardware, the metal main helmet hinge component, and the plastic ¬?J arm¬?. The ¬?J arm¬? is attached to the PVS14 to allow quick attachment and detachment of the PVS14 from the main helmet mount. It can also rotate to adjust for your eye level. The main helmet hinge component allows you to swing the PVS14 from eye level to above the helmet and is ratcheted to be able to move the PVS optic towards or away from your eye. WARNING: Since this is a replica only, care must be taken when rotating the PVS up and down since stressing the plastic J arm can cause it to snap. You should grab both the PVS14 and the main hinge component when rotating to not stress the J arm.

Part# THOP003
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