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Thunder B Airsoft Grenade Beginner Pack, Dumbbell Style

Designed for realism and performance, these Thunder B Airsoft Grenades are truly deserving of the name.
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Thunder B Airsoft Grenade Beginner Pack, Dumbbell Style

The Thunder B is modeled after various grenades used by military and law enforcement personnel. These realistic airsoft grenades provide much more than just good looks, however; the Thunder B can deliver a deafening detonation rated OVER 130 dB! To ensure the safety of players the Thunder B doesn’t utilize any powders to detonate. This makes them field safe too!

The Thunder B achieves its satisfying sound through standard 12g Co2 cartridges. The Cores are reusable, and feature durable metal construction. Once the pin is pulled, the plastic shell fills with Co2 to create a deafening airburst when ruptured. (Please be mindful of how these grenades are used, their 130 dB rating is close to that of an airplane flying close overhead!) Due to their realistic handling and deafening sound, Thunder Bs are also used for military training purposes!


  • Reusable metal core
  • 3 Dumbbell style shells
  • Pull pin and spoon


Gas Type: Co2
Cartridge Capacity: One
Sound Rating: 130db +
Detonation Type: Shell Burst

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