Tokyo Marui Desert Warrior 4.3 GBB Pistol Tan

Love the look of Tac 1911s but don't want to sacrifice capacity? The Tokyo Marui Desert Warrior has the looks you want, with the capacity you need. With 28 rounds in a thin single stack design mag, the TM is a cut above the rest!

Tokyo Marui Desert Warrior 4.3 GBB Pistol Tan

The lines of the Tokyo Marui Desert Warrior were inspired by Kimber’s ICQB (Interim Close Quarters Battle) pistol. And for those looking to replicate the USMC 45 pistol, this is the one to do it! Tokyo Marui is known for performance and quality all throughout the world in the airsoft community. This gun is no such exception. Their MEU style mags are thin and extremely easy to carry even with its 28 round capacity. The lightweight ABS slide gives the gun an unparalleled cycle rate and better gas efficiency. While yes the slide is plastic, it's just as durable as some of the metal slide counterparts you’d find on the market. (Just because its metal doesn't mean it’s better cough cough.)


  • Under rail system
  • High cycle rate
  • Non-reflective matte finish
  • One of the highest capacity guns in its style


Overall Length: 203mm
Weight: 820g
Inner Barrel Length: 103mm
Muzzle Velocity: 285 FPS
Gas Type: Green Gas
System: Gas Blowback
Color: Dark Earth
Magazine Capacity: 28 Rounds
Package Includes: Gun, Magazine, Manual

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