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Tokyo Marui Scorpion Mod-M M-Lok Airsoft Electric Pistol

The old school Tokyo Marui VZ Scorpion got a modern update with the new Tokyo Marui Scorpion MOD-M. It has better performance and external part features that make this AEP stand out from the rest.
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Tokyo Marui Scorpion Mod-M M-Lok Airsoft Electric Pistol

AEP or Airsoft Electric Pistol are guns that run off a smaller gearbox and battery usually shooting at a lower fps than most AEGs in the market. AEPs make great sidearms for carrying more rounds and having a rechargeable battery.

The Tokyo Marui Scorpion MOD-M takes the design of their older KZ Scorpion and revamps the externals by switching the handguard area to M-Lok and putting Picatinny rails on top of the gun with a side folding stock to finish up the changes. The Scorpion Mod-M is also able to use other Tokyo Marui Scorpion spec magazines so the player has more options to choose from. The gun is also decorated with gold accents to spice up the overall look of the gun. They also included a crown-shaped flash hider to replace your orange tip. Designed as a small compact SMG the Tokyo Marui Scorpion MOD-M brings a twist of fun for all those who wield it.


  • Based on the Tokyo Marui Vz61 Scorpion
  • Picatinny rails
  • Battery is stored in the pistol grip
  • Side Folding Stock
  • Adjustable hop-up
  • Gold Accents
  • Able to use Older Vz61 Scorpion magazines


Overall Length: 22.2 inches
Weight: 2.8 lbs
Outer Barrel Length: 7.1 inches
Barrel Thread: 14 mm CCW
Inner Barrel Length: 190 mm
Inner Barrel Diameter: 6.08 mm
Muzzle Velocity:270 fps
Fire Modes: Safe/Semi/Full
Color: Black/Gold
Gearbox: AEP Mini Type
Magazine Capacity: 260 rounds
Package Includes: Gun, Magazine, Manual, M-Lok Rail x3, Micro Battery EX Adapter

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