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WELL MB4401 L96 AWP Bolt Action Spring Sniper Rifle


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WELL MB4401 L96T AWP Bolt Action Spring Sniper Rifle

The WellFire MK96 AWP is a high quality airsoft sniper rifle that only costs a fraction of what you will pay for most other long guns in the same class. A high level of realism, durability, and power all serve to set this gun apart. It is solidly built, offers outstanding performance, and will save you enough money to buy some slick sniper accessories to make you a feared opponent on the battlefield.

The thumbhole stock ergonomically designed and molded from high quality polymer, making it very lightweight and highly mobile. This is a great feature if/when you need to bug out from a sniper hide in a hurry. A cheek rest atop the stock is fully adjustable so you can acquire a steady cheek weld without canting your head at an uncomfortable angle to do so. The adjustable hop-up can be tuned via a large easy access knob that sits just in front of the mag well on the bottom of the forestock. This allows you to make quick adjustments on the fly as battlefield dynamics change and develop during the course of a match. A tri-rail bipod mount can be easily attached or detached to the front of the forestock, and accepts the included metal bipod or any other Picatinny rail compatible bipod you may choose. If you prefer a Harris bipod, an integrated mounting lug is provided but may require some minor modification as the hole is quite small. Using a bipod with your airsoft sniper will improve its effectiveness, especially when you're using a high powered rifle scope, like the included 3-9x40 scope. The included scope is fully adjustable so you can maximize accuracy out to the last inches of this weapons range, which is far greater that many other long guns in its class. Power, accuracy, a lightweight build, and lots of included accessories make the WellFire MK96 AWP Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle a highly sought after option. With a limited stock on hand, these will disappear quickly, so get yours before they are gone.


Build Polymer Stock / Metal Barrel, Bipod
Firing Modes Bolt Action (Single Shot)
Muzzle Velocity 400-420 fps (w/ 0.20g BBs)
Magazine 40 Rounds
Hop-Up Yes, Adjustable
Weight 6.75 lbs
Overall Length 43.5"

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