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Acetech Lighter-S Compact Tracer Unit




Acetech Lighter-S Compact Tracer Unit

Acetech tracer units have been making a splash in the market providing great quality products from chronographs to their sought after tracer units. The Acetech Lighter-S has the same brightness as its bigger lighter version but now in a compact form. It is able to keep up with high rates of fire. The tracer unit is also rechargeable, which you can recharge with the provided micro USB wire. This gives you over 22,000 rounds to use on one charge. It also has an adapter so you can use the tracer unit on a rifle or pistol.


  • Adapter to screw onto 14mm CCW threading
  • Bright Glow
  • Compact size
  • Automatically shuts off after idling for 40 minutes
  • Battery lasts up to 22,000 rounds
  • Sustained Rate of Fire up to 35 rounds per second


Overall Length: 2.65” inches
Diameter: 27 mm
Weight: .1 lbs
Thread: 11 mm CW adapter 14mm CCW
Color: Black
Package Includes: Tracer Unit, micro USB wire, Manuel, 11mm CW to 14mm CCW