AEX 0.36 BBs 1000 Count Bottle

Are your BBs flying all over the place with your sniper rifle? Load up some 0.36g BBs and adjust your hop up to watch those BBs fly true and straight into your target.

AEX 0.36 BBs 1000 Count Bottle

AEX has provided players with a wide range of BBs from 0.20g to 0.43g that allows them to adjust to different fields and fps. For players who want to snipe at range with a velocity 450 FPS +, the BB weight we would recommend is a 0.36g for a stable shot. Another benefit of a heavier BB is the energy of the shot carried over distance so that when the BB hits its mark the receiving player will feel the impact.


  • Polished and Smooth
  • Easy to pour nozzle


Diameter: 5.95mm
Quantity: 1,000 rounds
Weight: 0.36g
Type: Plastic
Color: White

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