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ASG Fully Licensed B&T GL-06 Grenade Launcher Black




ASG Fully Licensed B&T GL-06 Grenade Launcher Black

The B&T GL-06 offers a stand-alone shoulder-fired system for your 40mm gas grenades. The real steel GL-06 was produced by the request of the European police force. They needed a non-lethal weapon capable of firing beyond 40 meters, with pinpoint accuracy. The GL-06 is a lighter, more compact launcher than others in its class; making this weapon much more easy to carry, and giving it an ergonomic edge.

With access to a wide variety of different gas grenades; this launcher gives you and your squad a great amount of tactical flexibility. The high-quality materials and overall design of this weapon makes it rugged enough to stand up to the abuse of BB wars. A simple, break open design makes it quick and easy to load and unload shells. The integrated rail system offers various mounting points for various accessories and gives you plenty of space to mount the included quick-detach foregrip. Overall the GL-06 makes an affordable, and formidable support weapon.


  • Fully licensed by Brugger & Thomet
  • H&K Style skeleton folding stock
  • Adjustable ghost ring rear sight for quick target acquisition
  • Integrated 20mm rail system


Overall Length: 590mm (Unfolded) 385mm (Folded)
Barrel Length: 280mm
Weight: 4.8lbs
System: Break barrel
Muzzle Velocity: Dependant on grenade used
Color: Black
Package Includes: Launcher, Manual

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