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WoSport WoSport Steel Mesh Nylon Padded Lower Face Mask with Ear Protection
WoSport WoSport MOLLE Plate Carrier with Triple M4 Magazine Pouch and Admin Panel
WoSport Wosport KX3 Spitfire Airsoft Flame Effect Auto Tracer 14mm CCW with 11mm CW Adapter
- 500D Nylon is scratch and abrasion resistant
- Quick buckle
- Removable Triple Pouches
- 3pcs Steady Accessories
- Large Volume Storage
- Rienforced zipper design
- Can be broken down to use individually
WoSport WoSport Steel Mesh Nylon Padded Lower Face Mask Small
- Strong Material
- Sponge Buffer
- Breathable Design
- Impact Resistant
- Vest made from elastic, lightweight neoprene
- Front panel MOLLE webbing perfect for Wosport hard shell mag pouches
- Wosport hard shell mag pouches included
- Armor made from pliable, hard neoprene material
- Strong metal rivets secure plates to ve
- Load your BBs faster and more efficiently!
- 500RD Capacity
- M4 style loader
- Black
Each rotation of the crank loads 10 BBs
Integrated winding clutch prevents magazine overfilling
Capacity of 1000rds
Speed load M4 AEG mags in seconds!
- Easy to use
- 155rd Capacity
- Load your magazines faster
Showingof 19 item(s)