Castellan Link Aluminum M-LOK Grip

For shooters who seek fast ergonomics and accuracy.

Castellan Link Aluminum M-LOK Grip

The Castellan Link grip acts as both an angled grip, and a hand stop. Angled grips reduce the stress on your wrist and allow for the most natural hand placement on the rifle. In combination with a design to lock in your hand, many riflemen prefer this style of grip over the vertical.

The angled grip gets your hand closer to the rail of the rifle. This allows for an improved shooting form by being able to naturally drive the rifle into your shoulder. Locking your hand in also allows for consistent shouldering, and enhanced lateral movement. Letting you increase your speed without suffering accuracy!


  • Durable CNC anodized aluminum construction
  • Lightweight build
  • Direct mount to handrail systems


Color: Black, Red
Fitment: M-Lok Handrail Systems
Material: Aluminum

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