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Win Gun full metal 2.5" CO2 revolver, 6 shot

Article number: CNB708
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This full metal revolver packs quite a punch. It is solid from the grip to the muzzle. The 6 shot cylinder swivels open to expose the 6 individual shells that house each 6mm BB. Extra shells can be purchased so you never run out of ammo in the heat of battle! This model uses the 12g CO2 powerlets to deliver 400+ fps with a 0.20g BB right out of the box! Since there is not blowback action, all the power is shooting the BB downrange. This revolver is a double-action model so you can either pull the hammer back on each shot or just pull the trigger!

  • Non-Blowback, no external moving parts
  • Uses CO2 Cartridges
  • Shoots 6mm BBs
  • Fires Over 400fps!
  • Extra shells available and speed loaders
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