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GATE TITAN II Magazine sensor with cable




GATE TITAN II Magazine sensor with cable

The Magazine Sensor with Cable for Titan II is an essential accessory for airsoft enthusiasts who use the Titan II battery-powered airsoft gun. This sensor is designed to detect when the gun's magazine is empty, and will signal the gun to stop firing, preventing dry firing that can damage the gun. The sensor comes with a cable that connects to the Titan II's control unit, allowing for seamless integration into the gun's operation. With the Magazine Sensor with Cable for Titan II, airsoft players can enjoy uninterrupted gameplay, while also protecting their gun from unnecessary wear and tear.


  • Blocking shooting when the magazine is pulled out. You can enable or disable this feature.
  • Magazine BB counter reset. The function works with a programmable magazine capacity limit.
  • Connect the magazine sensor and the bolt-catch button at the same time, choose the “Bolt-catch and magazine sensor with cable (ready to connect)”. Thanks to this, when using a splitter, you will have a free power port.

Attention all GATE product purchasers

GATE offers direct-to-consumer warranty services.  It is fast and easy to use.  If you are having any problems with GATE products, you can contact GATE at: 

They will have deeper and better technical knowledge of their electronics and HPA systems than AEX… after all, they made the product!  Thank you for buying a GATE product from Airsoft Extreme!

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