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ASG INFINITY CNC 30,000 RPM High Torque Motor

The ASG INFINITY motors offer a range of torque and speed giving you either high rates of fire or trigger response that can improve your gun’s performance even further.
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ASG INFINITY CNC 30,000 RPM High Torque Motor

In airsoft, the motor of your rifle is an important part that makes your gun function by turning over your gears to fire off the gun. Aftermarket motors come in either high torque that improves trigger response but lower fire rate or high-speed improving rate of fire but lower trigger response.

The ASG INFINITY CNC 30k motor has high-quality CNC parts to give the motor greater durability and performance than a stock one in your rifle. The motor output is 30,000 rpm which is strong enough to pull SP110 springs easily without heating up the pistol grip rapidly. This ASG INFINITY CNC 30k motor is an upgrade we highly consider if you want to step up the trigger response and the fire rate of your airsoft rifle.


  • CNC steel shaft
  • CNC steel gear
  • Strong rare earth magnets
  • Steel rotor
  • Larger motor shaft ball bearings


Type: Long
Output Rating: 30,000 rpm
Application: High Torque

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