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iPower 7.4v 5200mAh 2x Nunchuk Li-Ion LiPo Battery Tamiya




iPower 7.4V 5200mah Li-Ion Nunchuk 2x

Get the most performance out of your Electric replica with iPower’s 7.4v Li-Ion batteries. Li-Ion batteries offer a significant increase in power and efficiency over NiMH batteries and have become the standard battery type for most of the airsoft community. 7.4 Li-Ion batteries have roughly the same output as a 9.6 NiMH battery but are smaller and easier to fit in replicas with restrictive battery space. Li-Ion batteries are very similar to LiPo batteries and behave in roughly the same ways. Li-Ion batteries generally have a slightly higher power density and slightly lower discharge rate allowing you to keep playing for longer.

WARNING: Li-Ion batteries require a balance charger designed specifically for Li-Ion batteries. Using a charger not designed for Li-Ion batteries will create a chemical imbalance in the battery which could result in injury or destruction of property.

Charger sold separately.


  • Higher power density than a 9.6v NiMH battery allowing it to have a larger capacity in a smaller form factor while still retaining roughly equivalent output
  • 5200mAh capacity lasts for ~5000 shots before needing a recharge
  • Able to power almost all replicas
  • Pre-installed Mini Tamiya connector for maximum compatibility
  • Nunchuck design is meant to fit in rear-wired replicas with an AR-style or similar stock


Length x Width: 4.7 x 1.5in
Voltage: 7.4V
Capacity: 5200mAh
Discharge Rate: 10-30C
Connector Type: Mini Tamiya

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