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JT Spectra/Flex8 Thermal Lens

JT Paintball



JT Spectra/Flex 8 Thermal Lens

Essential Upgrade for Clarity and Safety: Replace or upgrade your JT mask lens with the JT Spectra/Flex8 Thermal Lens. Ideal for JT Spectra, Flex 8, Proflex, Proshield, and Premise Systems, this lens is a vital component for any paintball enthusiast. Its dual-pane thermal treatment ensures clear vision by preventing fog buildup, a crucial factor for performance and safety during intense gameplay.

Versatile and Durable: Available in a variety of tint options to suit different playing environments and personal preferences, this lens adapts to various lighting conditions, enhancing visibility and focus. The lens is not only about visual clarity; it's built tough. Tested rigorously it meets and surpasses the rigorous JT Standard, ensuring resilience in the most demanding situations.

User-Friendly Design: Installation is straightforward, with no special tools required. The lens can be easily removed and replaced, allowing players to quickly adapt to changing conditions or maintain their equipment with ease.


  • Authentic JT Paintball factory replacement part.
  • Compatible with a range of JT masks including the Spectra, Flex 8, Proflex, and Proshield.
  • Thermal lens technology for anti-fog performance.
  • Available in multiple tint options for personalized style and visibility.
  • ASTM UV A & UV B protection for eye safety.
  • Enhanced durability, passing stringent JT Standard tests.
  • Easy to install, no special tools needed.
  • Provides reduced glare, color contrast, and clarity for superior vision on the field.


Manufacturer: JT Paintball
Field of Vision: 260 degrees
Weight: 3.24 Ounces
Compatibility: JT Spectra, JT Flex 8, Proflex, Proshield, Premise Systems

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