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Lambda Defense PCC kit for AAP-01




LAMBDA Defense PCC kit for AAP-01

This is hands down one of the best upgrade kits for your AAP-01.  It turns you pistol into a full blown gas blowback submachinegun and realizes the true potential of your AAP-01.

The receiver and handguard are machined from 6000-series aircraft grade aluminum and hard anodized (not painted!).  The PDW stock features steel arms, and all of the picatinny rail segments are machined aluminum as well (not plastic!).  The top rail mount is the ideal length for installing an Eotech scope or a T1/T2 style red dot sight with scope shield.  Three six-slot picatinny segments allow you to accessorize the gun with lights, lasers, vertical grips or whatever else you desire.  You can install as many or as few picatinny rail segments as you wish.

The PCC kit includes a 4 inch threaded barrel extension as well as an 8.25 inch mock silencer.  There is a delrin spacer used for supporting the threaded barrel extension that is secured by set screws at the end of the handguard.  These parts allow you to configure the PCC in several ways, including installing a longer inner barrel for accuracy and velocity.  We cut down a Maple Leaf GBB inner barrel to 230mm and installed it with a Maple Leaf GBB bucking to achieve 390 fps with 0.20g BBs with 12kg green gas.

Lastly, the PCC kit includes an extended charging lever that can be switched to the left or right side.

The kit is very easy to install and requires minor disassembly of your AAP-01.  An set of metric allen wrenches is all you need to make the conversion. 

NOTE: it is critical that the two set screws in the rear of the receiver are gently tightened and thread locked.  If they are screwed in too much, it will pinch the bolt and cause the gun to jam.  Furthermore, take great care when centering the gun body in the receiver to make sure the bolt does not touch receiver during movement.  If there is any friction, it will decrease your velocity.

When compared to other dedicated gas blowback submachineguns, the AAP conversion makes a lot of sense given the number of upgrade parts available for it.  You can easily modify the velocity simply by changing the inner barrel length.  Glock HPA adapters also readily work with the AAP-01 magazine.  With it's simplicity and modularity, the AAP-01xLambda PCC combo will be your new go-to gas SMG!


  • Aluminum receiver and handguard
  • Two position, steel arm PDW stock
  • Aluminum scope rail
  • Aluminum extended bolt lever
  • Three six-slot picatinny accessory rails (aluminum)
  • 8.25" mock suppressor (14mm- thread, aluminum)
  • 4" 14mm- outer barrel extension (aluminum)
  • Delrin barrel spacer


Weight 3 pounds (kit only), 4 pounds (gun installed)
Color Black, red
Material Aluminum, steel
Length collapsed (handguard only) 18.5"
Length extended (handguard only) 23.75"

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