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Perun Programmable G&G ETU++ MOSFET Upgrade Kit 2.0 for G&G ETU AEG Gearboxes

Perun Airsoft



Perun Programmable G&G ETU++ MOSFET Upgrade Kit 2.0 for G&G ETU AEG Gearboxes

Experience a transformative upgrade with the Perun Programmable G&G ETU++ MOSFET Upgrade Kit 2.0, meticulously engineered for G&G ETU AEG gearboxes. This comprehensive kit replaces the standard electronic board with a multifaceted system that enhances your AEG's performance and versatility without the need for intricate gearbox modifications.

Key Features

  • Electronic Burst: Unleash controlled burst fire to maintain precision and ammo conservation.
  • Active Brake with Adjustable Braking Power: Prevents spring compression and overspin by halting the motor post-shot, with customizable braking intensity.
  • Precocking with Spring Release Feature: Maintain the piston in a rearward position for rapid-fire response, complemented by an easy spring release mechanism.
  • Rate of Fire Reduction: Tailor your AEG's firing rate for tactical advantage or realism.
  • DMR Mode: Introduce shot intervals to meet DMR regulations on certain fields.
  • Low Battery Voltage Alarm: Get timely alerts when your Li-Po or Li-Ion battery dips below safe voltage levels, with an option to toggle this feature.
  • Programming Supported with a Multicolor LED Diode: Effortlessly configure your settings guided by an intuitive LED system.
  • Diagnostic System & Electronic Resettable Fuse: Proactively monitors your AEG for issues, providing immediate diagnostics and safeguarding against electrical malfunctions.

Enhanced Versatility and Ease of Use

ETU++ is not just an upgrade; it's a complete overhaul, offering compatibility with any G&G ETU replica and a wide range of batteries (7.4V, 11.1V, and 14.8V). Its independent programming of firing modes allows for personalized configuration, setting safe, semi, burst, or auto on both selector positions.

Intelligent Design for Optimal Performance

The kit's binary trigger feature facilitates double shots in semi-automatic mode, firing both on trigger pull and release. Its active brake system, combined with the precocking feature, ensures immediate response in close-quarters battle, significantly enhancing your tactical edge. The diagnostic system keeps you informed, making maintenance straightforward and efficient.


  • Ultra-compact MOSFET tailored for G&G ETU gearboxes
  • Programmable firing modes including binary trigger and DMR mode
  • Precocking function for instantaneous shot response
  • Electronic fuse and diagnostic system for enhanced safety and troubleshooting
  • Compatible with a wide range of batteries (7V-17V)
  • Max Fire Rate: 50rps, catering to extreme setups


  • Compatibility: G&G ETU Airsoft gearboxes
  • Permissible Battery Voltage: 7V-17V
  • Max Fire Rate: 50rps
  • Dimensions: 34mm x 12mm x 9mm (not including wiring)

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