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Valken Tactical Thunder-V Spoon Type Main Core

Designed to mimic distraction devices (flash bangs) used by military and law enforcement personnel.
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Valken Tactical Thunder-V Spoon Type Main Core

Valken Tactical’s Thunder V system utilizes 12g Co2 cartridges to produce a bang so loud your opponents stop in their tracks! The Thunder V Core punctures the seal on the Co2 cartridge when the pin is pulled, filling the plastic shell with compressed Co2 until the shell splits.

The Thunder V is rated to deliver a resounding 130db bang! Making these useful for a variety of applications. Toss them to distract your opponents, or disorient them by tossing into a building! The Thunder V Shells come in a variety of styles including; Pineapple, Dumbbell, Cylinder B, Cylinder C, and Shocker Shells.


  • Reusable aluminum core
  • Safety pull-pin with spoon
  • Compatible with all Thunder V shells


Gas Type: Co2
Cartridge Capacity: One
Sound Rating: 130db

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