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Lightweight, and low profile. The perfect companion to your goggle system.
Low profile, and lightweight! Don't “overlook” this awesome goggle system from Valken!
Stay comfortable while protecting your lower face with V-Tac’s Tango Mesh Mask. Comfy enough to wear for long multi-day ops.
Protect your lower face by equipping yourself with a V-TAC Kilo 2G Mesh Mask and play hard knowing your mouth is covered from incoming fire.
High speed and low profile, this is the perfect rig for fast-paced CQB action!
A thread adaptor that fits many common 1lb propane tanks.
Designed to mimic distraction devices (flash bangs) used by military and law enforcement personnel.
Ultra-light, breathable, without sacrificing protection!
Functional, fashionable, traditional, and tactical. The perfect combination we airsofters are in constant search for!
Having a hard time seeing a target downrange with your 30mm red dot? Mount a V-Tac 3x magnifier behind it to see the reaction of your opponent’s face as a BB nails him from afar.
Low profile, lightweight, with a wide field of view. Don't “overlook” this awesome goggle system from Valken!
M4 Magazine Style
Smoked Color
400 Round Capacity
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