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Umarex Elite Force GLOCK G45 GEN5 Green Gas Full Blowback Pistol by VFC

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An all black variant of the G19X, with all the Gen5 features and extra slide serrations for style and gripping. This is a compact, green gas blowback powerhouse!

Umarex Elite Force GLOCK G45 GEN5 Green Gas Full Blowback Pistol by VFC

G19X meets Gen5 – the GLOCK 45 is the black version of a crossover pistol that combines the full-sized frame of the G17 with the compact slide of the G19. The front serrations on the slide and enhanced grip make this a typical Gen5 pistol. The G45, a gas-powered airsoft version with a maximum energy of 1 joule, features a Shoot-Up that is adjustable from the outside, a powerful blowback and a heavy metal slide. With its Weaver rail for tactical accessories and ambidextrous slide stop lever this is an ideal backup gun.


  • RTF Gen 5 Frame with rail
  • Fully licensed trademarks
  • Metal slide
  • Ambidextrous
  • Functional trigger safety


Overall Length: 7.37 inches
Weight: 1.37 lbs
Muzzle Velocity: 300 fps
Gas Type: Green Gas
System: Gas Blowback
Color: Black
Magazine Capacity: 22
Package Includes: Gun, Magazine, Manual

28-02-2021 23:17

My first green gas pistol, coming from spring-loads. This gun is amazing! The quality level is superb, and out of the box the aim is nuts-on at 30'. Impressive recoil. It'd be nice to know deeper specs, like "Is the magazine non-venting?" (It is, or at least seems to be...) but I can't even find those on Umarex's site. Pics show no orange tip, but it ships with it in place (US). Like I said, I've only used spring-load guns to this point, so it was shocking how hard this hits in comparison (roughly twice the FPS as my old rifle). It'd be nice to be able to lessen the pressure on each shot, but it's a minor issue. For my first Airsoft pistol, I don't think I could have asked for better. I've shot about 10-12 clips of 20g 6mm bio-shot using Asura green gas, everything's lubed nicely high accuracy. Note that you should fill the mag prior to loading, otherwise you won't be able to slide the plate back to expose the valve. Consensus seems to be to leave some gas in the mag before storing (don't empty it) to keep a bit of pressure and lube in place against the o-rings. Overall a beautiful piece of kit.

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