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WE MP4 50 Round Green Gas Magazine

Don’t want to reload as often and want to keep fighting with your WE MP4? Grab a 50 round magazine! Its huge round and gas capacity is sure to give you the edge for close-quarters encounters.
Article number: WEMP4EXTMAG
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WE MP4 50 Round Green Gas Magazine

WE tech made these magazines out of durable metal components with a big gas reservoir to shoot through all 50 rounds. Loading the magazine is fairly easy by pulling down the follower to the bottom of the gap and feeding the bbs down the track. The gas valve has an o-ring to help quiet down the filling process and make sure gas doesn’t leak out while pushing down against it. These 50 round magazines are perfect for MP4 users in CQB arenas or pistol primary games, so grab one today!


  • Easy to load design
  • Installed O-ring in the fill valve
  • Sturdy design


Compatibility: WE MP4/Big Bird models only
Capacity: 50 rounds
Color: Black
Gas Type: Green Gas

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