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These mid-capacity magazines reliably provide all the performance one could want.
Are you doing a World War II Allies loadout with an M1A1 Thompson but don’t have enough rounds to last you a whole match? Grab a King Arms M1A1 5 magazine pack and load yourself for every scenario and reenactment mil-sim you go to.
Does your AK loadout lacking the proper magazines to accompany your rifle? The King Arm Polish magazines will give your AK rifle a distinctive look while supplying with extra rounds to spare.
- Constructed from durable ABS polymer to withstand constant use and avoid unnecessary wear and tear
- High tension spring helps BBs feed smoother and reduce noise
- Holds up to 100 rounds offering perfect fitment and feeding
- Guaranteed compatible wi
- 3-pack of magazines
- 120 round mid-cap
- Compatible with the Ronin 47 AEGs!
- Durable but lightweight
- Side grip panel
- KWA’s custom stippling texture
- Extra grip lines to help with weapon manipulation
- High quality polymer construction
- Semi-transparent
- Textured exterior for improved grip
These additional TK.45 magazines will help you stay on the field longer.
This is an additional magazine for the Krytac KRISS Vector.
- Realistic dummy rounds
- For Next-Gen HK417 only
As functional as they are stylish, this 5-pack of UMP mid-caps is here to keep you in the fight!
Stop winding that small hi-cap wheel and go with the simpler H&K UMP mid-cap magazine that feeds flawlessly with no winding involved.
Showingof 105 item(s)