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Acetech Lighter BT Bluetooth Tracer Unit Chronograph, Smooth Version, Black

PAT3010B003 / PAT3010-B-003



Acetech Lighter BT Bluetooth Tracer Unit Chronograph, Smooth Version, Black

The newest and latest Acetech tracer unit is here!  It's light, it's compact, and it's also a chronograph! Download the IOS/Android app to your smart device and connect to the Lighter BT via Bluetooth to enable the chronograph function.  The tracer function has also been optimized for use with RED tracer BBs!  This little guy will be the last tracer you ever need...until Acetech comes out with their next product!  :)

  1. Lighter BT can connect cell phone through Bluetooth and can perform the function of speedometer through AceSoft APP on both IOS and Android.
  2. Lighter BT supports green and red tracers.
  3. For installation, the inner barrel cannot be too long. The barrel cannot exceed 12 mm from the foremost end of the thread. Otherwise, the barrel will block the infrared sensor of Lighter BT and BB tracers will not be induced.
  4. Lighter BT should be installed on a BB gun. By no means can your eyes directly look into the muzzle, to avoid an accident due to erroneous operation or BB gun failure or erroneous shooting.


  • Support for green and red tracers.
  • Support 35 RPS running fire speed.
  • Built-in Li-Poly battery with a charge time of 2 hours
  • Charging once can provide the shooting of 30,000 tracers.
  • LED power and electricity quantity display


Overall Length: 100.5 mm
Diameter: 34.5 mm
Weight:  2.8 oz
Thread: 14 mm CW/CCW
Color: Black or Tan
Package Includes: 1 Micro USB charging cable, 1 manual, One M11 clockwise thread adapter/and one M14 counter-clockwise thread adapter

Manufacturers Warranty:

  • The warranty period is 1 year from the purchase date or 15 months from the delivery date.
  • Dismantling or retrofitting internal circuit components by oneself is not included in the scope of the warranty.
  • Damage caused out of heavy hits by external force or falling from the high place and collision is not included in the scope of the warranty.

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