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AEX Custom SCYTHE Custom FAR556 REAPER HPA Rifle




AEX Custom SCYTHE Custom FAR556 REAPER HPA Rifle

Elevate your airsoft experience with our exclusive AEX Custom SCYTHE FAR556, a meticulously upgraded masterpiece that seamlessly combines the agility of the M4 PDW with cutting-edge HPA technology. Crafted for discerning players, this custom rifle redefines versatility, delivering unparalleled performance on the field.

Key Features:

1. HPA Dominance: Transforming the original AEG platform into a high-powered HPA marvel, the AEX Custom SCYTHE FAR556 is now equipped with the Wolverine REAPER GEN2 HPA Engine V2 Spartan Electronics Kit. This upgrade ensures lightning-fast trigger response, customizable rate of fire, and consistent shot-to-shot precision, giving you the upper hand in any skirmish.

2. Stealthy Aesthetics: The addition of the SF Mock Suppressor in sleek black not only enhances the rifle's visual appeal but also serves a functional purpose with its 14mm CCW thread, allowing for further customization. The Mini Gripstop, crafted from durable aluminum and seamlessly integrated into the M-LOK system, enhances control and maneuverability.

3. Precision Trigger Control: The Maxx Model CNC Aluminum Advanced M4 / M16 Speed Trigger (Style E) in black is a game-changer. Experience a crisp and responsive trigger pull, giving you unmatched control over your shots for precision accuracy on the battlefield.

HPA Conversion Details:

Our expert technicians at Airsoft Extreme have meticulously converted the AEX Custom SCYTHE FAR556 from AEG to HPA. The Wolverine REAPER GEN2 HPA Engine V2 Spartan Electronics Kit replaces the traditional gearbox, offering precise control over air pressure and consistency in every shot. This upgrade ensures a seamless transition to the HPA realm, unlocking the true potential of this already formidable platform.

Custom Parts


Overall Length 252.8mm (folded) / 682.6mm (unfolded)
Weight 2020g
Outer Barrel Length Not specified
Barrel Thread 14mm Negative
Inner Barrel Length Approx. 168mm
Inner Barrel Diameter 6mm
Muzzle Velocity Variable
Magazine Capacity 105 Round Mid-Cap GOM V2 Magazine