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GATE PULSAR S HPA Single Solenoid Engine with TITAN II Bluetooth for V2




GATE PULSAR S HPA Engine with TITAN II Bluetooth for V2 Gearboxes

Advanced Control System: The GATE PULSAR S HPA Engine, featuring the TITAN II Bluetooth®, stands as the pinnacle of innovation, being the world's most compact yet advanced single solenoid HPA engine. Control this high-performance unit with optical sensors through the intuitive GCS App, offering unparalleled trigger response and customization directly from your smartphone.

Optical Trigger Sensor: Experience precision like never before with the optical trigger sensor, allowing for meticulous trigger sensitivity adjustments. Set up to 50 sensitivity levels within the first millimeter of trigger movement, achieving a hair-trigger feel that will elevate your gameplay to new heights.

Robust Connectivity: The TITAN II Bluetooth® integration extends the HPA Engine's capabilities, offering seamless connection to a suite of devices within the GATE Ecosystem. This includes compatibility with smartwatches, ensuring you're always informed about your magazine's BB count, and providing on-the-fly adjustments for fire selector modes and rate of fire.


  • Exceptional price-performance ratio with top-tier technology at an accessible price point.
  • First Bluetooth optical ETU in an HPA replica, providing robust wireless connectivity.
  • Multifunctional port for connecting a variety of accessories, enhancing versatility.
  • User-friendly GCS app available across major platforms for comprehensive control.
  • Stabilized nozzle design for consistent FPS and mitigation of Mid-cap syndrome.


Rate of Fire: Adjustable from 1 to 100 RPS
Velocity Range: 200 – 550 FPS
Operating Mode: OPEN BOLT for realistic action
Pressure Range: 60 to 140 PSI for tailored performance

Embrace the future of airsoft with the GATE PULSAR S HPA Engine and revolutionize your gameplay with its sophisticated technology and unparalleled customizability.

Attention all GATE product purchasers

GATE offers direct-to-consumer warranty services.  It is fast and easy to use.  If you are having any problems with GATE products, you can contact GATE at: 

They will have deeper and better technical knowledge of their electronics and HPA systems than AEX… after all, they made the product!  Thank you for buying a GATE product from Airsoft Extreme!

Disclaimer: Self-installation carries the inherent risk of damaging the product. If you decide to install parts on your own, you accept this liability. These self-installed parts are not eligible for our warranty, and for any related issues, reach out to the product's manufacturer.

For assistance with GATE brand MOSFETs, please visit  GATE's Help Page.

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