BIGRRR GBR Spring Powered Airsoft Grenade

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Finally, reusable airsoft grenade that doesn’t need gas!

BIGRRR GBR Spring Powered Airsoft Grenade

The GBR Airsoft grenade is powered by springboards that launch BBs out in a 3m radius on impact. No need to worry about using whole 12g C02 cartridges or running through your green gas supply! The 130 BB capacity ensures your opponents will be properly peppered! The Bigrrr GBR Airsoft Grenade is easy to use and resets in seconds. Once detonated push the springboards back to lock them into place, then fill with BBs through the removable bottom cap.


  • Durable, lightweight ABS construction.
  • 130 BB Capacity
  • Spring Loaded
  • 3m Effective Range
  • Resets and loads in seconds!


Material: ABS Plastic
Capacity: 130 BBS
Power: Spring, no gas needed
Detonation Type: Impact

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