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KWA LM4 PTR 40rd Magazine

KWALM4MAG / 197-03201



KWA LM4 PTR 40rd Magazine

Increase your LM4's firepower with these 40 round magazines from KWA. If you are a gas gun player, you know there is no such thing as too many magazines! So grab a spare for your GBBR loadout today and stay in the fight, not on the sidelines reloading!

KWA builds these magazines out of heavy-duty aluminum to help replicate the heft of a full real magazine. Each one has a polymer feed lip to help keep bbs smooth and a strong steel feed spring to deliver them consistently to you LM4, no matter what bb weight you favor! 


  • Realistic weight and size
  • Rugged aluminum shell
  • 40 capacity
  • Steel feed spring for smooth feeding


Compatibility: KWA LM4 and LM4 based GBBR
Capacity: 40 rounds
Color: Grey
Gas Type: Green gas only


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