Head Gear

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- Three-layer filter mask – 95% filtration
- Integrated nose clip for a better fit
- Secure elastic straps for a secure comfortable fit
- FDA Registered & Listed on the FDA Website
Are you into Mil-sim games and need a good helmet that offers protection as well as a platform for attachments? The PTS MTEK Flux helmet offers great comfort and versatility while protecting the layer with its durable construction.
One of the best masks to ever hit the market. And the most popular to date for those seeking clout, comfort, and most importantly, clarity.
Head into battle with confidence, with the Lancer Tactical PJ Fast Helmet!
These goggles from Rothco are extremely easy to fit and are comfortable.
Lightweight, and low profile. The perfect companion to your goggle system.
Low profile, and lightweight! Don't “overlook” this awesome goggle system from Valken!
All-day, every day, the Annex MI-5 is here to take the daily grind.
Stay comfortable while protecting your lower face with V-Tac’s Tango Mesh Mask. Comfy enough to wear for long multi-day ops.
One of the lowest profile pairs of eye protection on the airsoft market today!
If you’re tired of your eye pro fogging, and the claustrophobic feeling of a full face mask, then the V-Tac Tango Goggles are for you!
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