Valken V-Tac Tango Thermal Goggles

If you’re tired of your eye pro fogging, and the claustrophobic feeling of a full face mask, then the V-Tac Tango Goggles are for you!

Valken V-Tac Tango Thermal Goggles

The Valken Tango Thermal is a goggle designed to be fog-free, and maintain the widest field of view possible. The headband of these goggles has a very wide range of adjustability. Paired with the flexible body of the goggles themselves, it makes for a very comfortable fit among many shapes and sizes.

For players that need to wear glasses, these goggles include an Rx lens insert (you will need to add standard size lenses into the insert). The frame comes in three different colors, black, olive drab, and coyote tan. This eye pro system is certified for ANSI Z87.1 High Impact. The package includes three lens colors, and each one is dual-pane for optimal fog prevention (black, yellow, and clear).


  • Durable Dual Pane Lenses
  • Full Seal Eye Protection
  • Exceeds ANSI Z87.1 Lenses
  • Wide Range of Adjustability


Color: Black/OD Green/Coyote Tan
Size: Adjustable
Anti Fog: Yes, Dual Pane (No coating that will wear out!)

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