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Airsoft Masterpiece CNC Steel Hammer & Sear Set for Tokyo Marui Hi Capa, STI Circle




Airsoft Masterpiece CNC Steel Hammer & Sear Set for Tokyo Marui Hi Capa, STI Circle

Upgrade your airsoft game with the Airsoft Masterpiece CNC Steel Hammer & Sear Set, a precision-crafted internal component designed to take your Tokyo Marui Hi Capa to the next level of performance. As a veteran player and expert in the industry, I can confidently say that this upgrade is a game-changer for gas blowback pistol enthusiasts. Let's dive into the remarkable features and specifications of this exceptional upgrade.


  • Firing Mechanism Control: The CNC steel hammer and sear set offers precise control over the firing process, ensuring a smooth and consistent shooting experience with every pull of the trigger.
  • Semi-Automatic Functionality: Enjoy the realism of semi-automatic firing, just like in real firearms. Experience the thrill of rapid follow-up shots with minimal effort.
  • Realism and Recoil: The CNC steel construction enhances blowback action, providing a satisfying recoil sensation that mirrors the feel of firing a real gun.
  • Improved Trigger Performance: This upgrade elevates your trigger game, granting you a cleaner, crisper trigger break for enhanced accuracy and shooting enjoyment.
  • Enhanced Upgradability: Embrace the airsoft enthusiast's spirit by easily customizing and upgrading your Hi Capa's internal components for improved durability and responsiveness.
  • Safety Features: Safety comes first, and this hammer and sear set incorporates essential safety mechanisms to prevent accidental discharges during handling.
  • Optimized Gas Efficiency: With a focus on efficiency, this set ensures that you make the most of your gas fills, allowing you to stay on the field longer and enjoy more action.


Weight 35g
Material Durable stainless steel construction
Compatibility Tokyo Marui hi-capas

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