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The KMP9R delivers power out of its small barrel with a crisp trigger and a fire rate that will hose down the enemy in a matter of seconds.
Are you looking for a replica 1911 that can be manipulated like the real thing? That's where the KWA 1911 Mark series comes in with hefty weight and solid design to mimic the same ergonomics.
Want to practice AR drills at home and need your airsoft rifle to replicate the same weight as a real one? KWA LM4 series of rifles bring the weight of a real AR while imitating the same manipulation.
The KWA SR10 RM4 is a mid-length rifle built to hit targets from afar and is now combined with the new KWA Kinetic Feedback System to add that extra fun factor into the rifle.
The KWA M9 Professional Training Pistol is a faithful replica of the real thing. All the controls operate the exact same way, and even features a realistic takedown!
The QRF MOD.2 sets the airsoft standard on what a perfect CQB AEG should be.
One of HK’s most iconic guns brought to you with KWA reliability and performance!
KWA QRF Mod 1 magazines, curved style, 80 round capacity, 3 pack
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